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Mechanically Fixed Roof

A mechanically fixed single ply roof system is often the best solution for our customers’ roofing needs. Simply put, this is a reliable and durable roof system fixed in position by mechanical fastenings. These fastenings bind a single ply membrane across the surface of the vapour control and insulation layer, and are then firmly secured to the roof deck.

In terms of choice, there has never been a wider selection of mechanical fastenings available. In the past, a mechanically fixed system was only suitable for a limited roof type, but now many different kinds of roof can use them. A quick survey of your roof will tell us how many fastenings you need to fix the insulation to the single ply membrane, based on the location and scope of relevant wind zones and by calculating the uplift and wind loading affecting your roof.

The Advantages of a Mechanically Fixed Roof

We recommend mechanically fixed roof systems for a number of reasons.

Firstly, with this kind of system you can enjoy total confidence your roof is secured. Movement and tearing is all but eliminated due to the calculations involved in deciding how many fastenings you need. This means there is no unfixed area where the roof deck and the single ply membrane can become unattached.

Mechanically fixed systems are also recyclable. This is due to the fact that at no point is the membrane contaminated by adhesives or chemicals. So when the system completes its natural lifespan, it can be safely and cheaply recycled. This in turn can help your company or business meet its own environmental aims.

Lastly, should the system develop a problem, e.g. a break or rip in the membrane, the fastener system allows it to be removed and swapped out quickly and painlessly. For other kinds of system – a sedum or green roof, for example – this process is often far more complicated.

Contact our engineers today for more advice about the mechanically fixed systems we offer.

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