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Flat Roofing for New Buildings

Flat roofing for new buildings

Maintaining the flat roof on your new building can lead to substantial time and money savings further down the road. Flat roofs of any age are susceptible to damage in the form of holes, blisters, tears and loose seaming. Regular surveys of your roof can lead to early detection and, if necessary, repairs that prevent minor problems developing into big ones.

Maintenance to stop leaks

Leaks can be particularly damaging over time, slowly compromising a new building’s structure and insulation. By maintaining the health of your flat roof, you can avoid the worst of these consequences by tackling the natural effects of sunlight, freeze-thaw weathering and physical impact.

Gutter maintenance

Gutter clearing is a simple form of maintenance with far-reaching benefits. During wet weather, an under-maintenanced gutter can lead to water overflow into an adjacent roof. The cheapest solution to this is blocking, a service we offer as part of our maintenance and gutter installation.

Maintenance and repair

If a maintenance review identifies the need for repairs, these can come in several forms. Blistering can often be tackled with the application of a roofing cement into the cavity. A mesh is sometimes the answer for a leaking aluminium roof. Patches, roof tars or protective paint-jobs can also be considered, and form a useful shield against the sun while lubricating and resealing from moisture.

Avoiding extensive refurbishment

A small ongoing investment in maintenance can pay large dividends in the future. A damaged outer layer, for example, can often be repaired with a simple overlay, typically single ply, which then acts as a new waterproof barrier. Typically an overlay can save you far more extensive repair work and refurbishment.

In more severe cases, where the internal substrates are showing signs of compromise, removal and replacement can be arranged.

Call us now for more information from our experienced team of CSCS-qualified technicians about the process and benefits of maintaining your new flat roof.

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