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Flat Roofing For Domestic Properties

When constructing your residential home, you will have the choice of installing a flat roof or a pitched one. Flat roofs are considered modern and are generally more visually appealing. Most architects will be inclined to install flat roofs as opposed to pitched ones. The reasons for their preference will be discussed below.

The cost

The materials used to install flat roofs will not cost you a lot of money. Compared to pitched roofs, flat ones have smaller surface areas. That means you will have to pay for less materials. You should note that these roofs are also cheaper to maintain compared to pitched ones.

Extra space

While some people are wary of the lack of drainage in flat roofs, others have optimised the space to grow plants and grass. Another great way of using this space is to install your solar panels on it. You can also place your air conditioner on the roof to get the units off the ground.


If you have ever tried cleaning your roof, you must know how hard it is to access the surface of a pitched roof. The sloping sides make it hard to get up to the roof and move around it. Flat roofs are a lot easier to access. This means jobs like cleaning or installing solar panels can be quickly completed with such roofs.

Versatile interior space

If you need a lot of interior space in your home, you will appreciate the design of flat roofs. With these roofs, the attic or top floor will not have sloping walls. That means the rooms can be utilised just as well as the other spaces in the house.


Flat roofing comes with many advantages. For example, they are cheaper to install as they require fewer labour and construction costs than pitched roofs. Since they have flat surfaces, these roofs can also be accessed easily.

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