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Flat Roof Inspections

Routine flat roof inspections can go a long way in saving you lots of money and stress. Carrying out regular inspections can help extend the durability of your roof while keeping problems to a minimum. However, flat roofs are undeniably more difficult to maintain than tile or slate roofs. And if left unchecked, they are more than likely to sustain damages and fail. For this reason, many insurance providers typically request flat roof inspections before providing you with coverage.

When inspecting your flat roof, it is important to understand that there’s a lot more to the process than simply sniffing out the leaks. An unmaintained flat roof is extremely susceptible to erosion and failure, which eventually leads to the degeneration of the roofing membrane. This can result in worse problems than a simple water leak – the eroding would gradually spread throughout the roofing membrane, causing the flat roof to weaken and fail completely.

The Types of Flat Roof Inspection

The durability of your flat roof depends mostly on the type of material used on it. Most roofs today are constructed using glass reinforced plastic (GRP/fibreglass) or a rubber EPDM, which can be expected to last for about 20 to 30 years if left unattended. Water damage in these roofs can often go unnoticed on the surface while internal water seepage causes slow and lasting damage to the roof structure.

There are two main types of flat roof inspections that you can conduct: invasive assessments and non-invasive flat roof assessments. An invasive examination is conducted by taking out a small portion of the roof in order to thoroughly measure the extent of damage caused by a leak. This process helps you determine if an overlap is a feasible option and decides the type of work that needs to be done to repair the issue.

Meanwhile, a non-invasive assessment helps you locate even tiny leaks without ever needing to pierce your roof. They are conducted using electronic and thermal imaging technology, and can also be used in instances where roofing membranes have been improperly installed.

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